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What is the difference between a Group Tour and an Open Tour?

  • In order for us to operate a "Group Tour", you must have at least 15 paying clients. The higher the number in your group, the lower the cost per person.
  • "Open Tours" are already established tours that are open to anyone who wants to join. A great way for a single person, a couple, or a family to attend one of these memorable tours.

About our tours . . .

We have a series of tour programs customized for members of the "Greatest Generation," their family, friends, and history enthusiasts. Each tour concentrates in areas of Europe where individual military units composed of American GI's fought to defeat fascism between 1944 and 1945.

World War II Tours of Europe were co-developed with Veterans most familiar with military unit history because they made the history! This is a rare opportunity to share insights into history with the men who were there.

It is also a wonderful opportunity for Veterans to share their personal legacy of service during WWII with their children and grandchildren who will keep alive their legacy of service well into the future. Join us on one of these truly nostalgic journeys back in time.

When Custom Euro Tours began operating World War II commemorative tours  most of our tour members were World War II veterans and their spouses. However,  today our tours are made up of Americans and Europeans of all ages. The 50th anniversary commemorations of World War II led to renewed interest in this period of history.

The victory in the Cold War has also given American's and our allies the opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices made in the long struggles against Nazism and Communism. In addition, the release of Saving Private Ryan further increased the interest in this period among younger people. Our tour members are of all ages.

Younger people are thrilled to be visiting the actual battle areas with veterans of World War II and take pride in seeing that the veterans and/or their family members are properly honored. Our tour members are always delighted to find that Americans are warmly welcomed and thanked for our efforts to liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny and for preventing a Soviet takeover during the Cold War. At the receptions we arrange - all Americans are welcomed and thanked.

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